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Crush Empire is an online education company that’s looking to revolutionize the test prep industry. Our company intends to disrupt the current learning landscape via innovation and product development.

We work out of a brand new, completely decked-out office in Sorrento Valley, CA, and our team is growing rapidly. The amazing and talented employees of Crush come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, bringing together unique perspectives to revolutionize the digital learning space. We are an agile and motivated company that combines the best and brightest minds from around the country.

For Creators

Crush Empire is a network of 20+ websites that cover educational resources for a huge span of high-skill trades and professional certifications. 

It all started with Bryce Welker’s journey to become a professional accountant. His blog posts describing his exam prep experience attracted a sizable following, culminating in a guide to the best resources for students preparing to take their Certified Public Accountant exams. 

After helping so many students CRUSH the CPA Exam, Bryce formed a talented team and ventured out into more accounting and finance-related certification exams. With his own experience and input from other professionals, the Crush team created online resources to help students pass the CMA exam, the CFA exam, and the EA exam. Since then, Crush Empire has expanded into the fields of law, project management, engineering, real estate, securities— and we’re still growing with no signs of stopping.

No matter what professional niche you occupy, no matter what kind of content you create, and no matter what kind of audience you attract— we can work together and achieve great results. 

We’re always looking for great partners and acquisitions. That means that your site, channel, or podcast will gain more exposure, enhance the quality of its content, and achieve increased conversions.

For Educators

Truly successful people know that you can never stop learning. There’s always something new that can be discovered about your profession, and there’s always something you can teach to others. Crush Empire is an organization whose goal is to learn and teach in equal measure.

We’re always looking for companies that provide educational resources for high-skill trades like accounting, project management, and law. Even if you provide study materials for an exam or career that we don’t currently cover, we’re interested in learning more. Giving us a chance to learn about you will help us teach others about the best ways to prepare for their future careers.

If you truly offer a product or service that students can benefit from using, we’re interested in telling them about it. Mentioning your company on one of our comparison chart articles, writing a review of your prep course, or partnering for an exclusive discount can have a tremendous impact on your user base.


If you’re an educator who doesn’t have a course or textbook, we’re still interested in hearing from you. We value the input you can provide us and our readers, and we would love to collaborate with you to generate content for one of our educational sites. Feel free to reach out— we’d love to start a conversation!

For Students

If you want to accomplish something great, you’re going to have to work hard. It took a ton of hard work to build Crush Empire and make it successful— and when it comes to starting your own career, you’ll have to devote a lot of hard work towards your professional education.

Some of the most rewarding job positions you can earn will require university-level education and post-grad certifications. Accountants, financial analysts, engineers, project managers— these are individuals who carry a large amount of responsibility for their clients and employers. So if you want to become one of these people, you’ll need to earn that responsibility by studying in order to pass each test that you’ll encounter on your journey. Crush Empire makes this easier for you by providing tons of resources that point you in the right direction.

If you’re at square one and have no idea what career path to pursue, we’ve created several informative guides to finding your ideal profession. Visit one of our many sites and you’ll find guides on what an internal auditor does, how the CPA exam is scored, how to register for the law school admissions exam, or a list of the best finance certifications.

Once you’ve decided what direction you’d like to take, we can provide additional help with study tips and materials. And if you’re interested in learning about the best online prep courses related to your career path, we have more than enough information to help you make a decision. Even after earning your certification and starting your professional career, we can provide assistance maintaining your status with recommendations for continuing education resources. 

Basically, we can help you achieve great things in your career from start to finish— just check out one of our sites and see for yourself!

What We Do

Our experienced and talented team seeks to transform the way that students and professionals prepare for tests and further their careers.

Understanding the needs of the consumer is a constantly evolving science, so our team members stay versed in the latest and greatest best practices for a number of verticals within the education field.

By combining our team’s expertise and our founder’s vision, we look to surge ahead in all of our endeavors. The sun never sets on the Crush Empire.

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Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to our Project Management Exam and LSAT Exam Scholarship winners! Fahrin and Isabelle will receive a free prep course and all their test fees will be reimbursed for their respective exams! Stay tuned for our upcoming scholarship opportunities coming up next, including this one:

Crush The CPA Exam Scholarship (Accepting Applications)

Our Core Values


We are chameleons and can adapt to a changing environment. Being flexible is important to us.

Crush It

We work hard to be the best we can be, and you should too. We’re committed, goal-oriented and always looking for new ways to improve!


We’re obsessed about the growth of our business, our employees and our readers. We want the best for everyone.


We’re tenacious, creative, solution-based individuals who take ownership and deliver results.


Together we can do more. Everyone’s ideas matter. We’re working to build something meaningful and lasting, and nobody can do it alone.

Lifelong Learners

We’re self-motivated, lifelong learners who use our experiences to grow.

We Are Hiring!

Crush Empire has recently opened some great opportunities for the right candidates. Take a look to see if any of our openings are right for you!

If you feel you are a fit candidate for one of our openings, please click the link to your desired position to begin the application process. If you are a good fit for the position, one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.


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Going to work in the bustling startup is an inspiring endeavor. We don’t believe in confining our team members to cube farms, and having a great office space inspires confidence and pride in the workplace.

As we grow and develop, we maintain that a positive work environment starts with a great space within which people enjoy working. Our employees love our office, as we are sure will any new hires or visitors.