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Let’s change the way people make purchasing decisions, together.

A Network of Over 20 Websites

Crush Empire is a diverse network of lead generation and affiliate sales websites. Spanning numerous verticals, we are always looking to expand into lucrative and blossoming marketing channels and platforms. One such venture is Crush Reviews, an affiliate based sales site that helps consumers informed buying decisions on myriad products. 

Our team members come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, bringing together unique perspectives to revolutionize the internet marketing space. We are a bi-coastal company that combines the best and brightest minds from around the country.

What We Do

Our experienced and talented team seeks to make tactical entrances into verticals with limited barriers to entry. In these ventures, we seek to aggressively increase our market share and stimulate growth.

We use bleeding-edge technology and state-of-the-art research tools to build our brand and enhance our holdings. Understanding the needs of the consumer is a constantly evolving science, so our team members stay versed in the latest and greatest best practices for a number of internet-based strategies.

By combining our team’s expertise and our founder’s vision, we look to surge ahead in all of our endeavors. The sun never sets on the Crush Empire.

Take a Look at Some of Our Sites

Crush the CPA Exam takes a deep dive into the best exam preparation courses to help CPA candidates discover which course is the best fit for their personal needs all at one convenient location.

Crush Reviews is our latest foray into new verticals. We utilize extensive research and proprietary technologies to generate leads in a variety of tangible product markets.

Crush the CFA Exam takes a look at the top Financial Exam preparation courses and compares them across a variety of standard rating factors. We even provide discounts to some of the best Exam Prep courses!

Our Core Values


We are chameleons and can adapt to a changing environment. Being flexible is important to us.

Crush It

We work hard to be the best we can be, and you should too. We’re committed, goal-oriented and always looking for new ways to improve!


We’re obsessed about the growth of our business, our employees and our readers. We want the best for everyone.


We’re tenacious, creative, solution-based individuals who take ownership and deliver results.


Together we can do more. Everyone’s ideas matter. We’re working to build something meaningful and lasting, and nobody can do it alone.

Lifelong Learners

We’re self-motivated, lifelong learners who use our experiences to grow.

We Are Hiring!

Crush Empire has recently opened some great opportunities for the right candidates. Take a look to see if any of our openings are right for you!

If you feel you are a fit candidate for one of our openings, please click the link to your desired position to begin the application process. If you are a good fit for the position, one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

Located in Scenic La Jolla California

Going to work in the quiet coastal town of La Jolla California is a truly surreal experience – you’re literally hundreds of feet from the nicest beaches in the world. We don’t believe in confining our team members to cube farms, and having a great office space inspires confidence and pride in the workplace.

As we grow and develop, we will continue to move to larger spaces, but since we maintain that a positive work environment starts with a nice view, rest assured that our office space will have you looking forward to coming to work.


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